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Women and Religion

I am trying something new.  I am adding a page specifically about women and religion.  I am trying to see if I can post to this page as opposed to the main page.  If not, I’ll just have to post links.

Why a post specifically about women and religion?

A few years ago, I noticed an article on a conservative website about marriage and divorce in modern America.  One man, perhaps trying to explain why men no longer marry, argued that men do not marry because marriage and divorce laws no longer favor men.  He also explained that men fear being married to tyrannical women (who are apparently numerous) who will divorce them for no reason and take all of their money and property.  Another man on the article posted an affirmative.  I was quite disgusted to read that men no longer marry in the modern world is because of their pathological fear of evil women.  (“We’re the victims here!”)  I posted a comment, “If this is how men feel about women, it is better not to marry.”  He answered that he wasn’t bashing all women, only wicked women.  He posted quotes from Proverbs and the book of Wisdom to back up his opinion.  I asked him if his mother fit this description.  He, of course, was furious, and said that he was only talking about wicked women, not women in general.  I ended the discussion by saying, “I would never marry a man who spoke that way about any woman, regardless of how wicked she was.”  What really struck me in that moment though, was how women are at a disadvantage when arguing about Of course, I had no verses to back up the position that men frequently hurt women, because there are no verses in the Bible that talk about the horror of a woman being married to a wicked man.  There are plenty of verses and passages that describe the harm that men can do to women in the Old Testament, but there are no passages specifically condemning it.  This means that wives confronting wicked husbands are at an incredible disadvantage.

However, I actually don’t think that religion caused these men to think badly about women.

I think that these men already had troubled relationships with women.

I think that men who have troubled relationships with women are far more likely to be attracted to traditional, conservative interpretations of religion.  These young men feel powerless, and at times with good reason.  The traditional religious interpretations provide them with a feeling of power as well as give them someone to blame for their powerlessness.  For other guys, it’s fascism.

Other writers have posted far more intelligently and eloquently than I, and I see no reason to rehash their ideas in a vastly inferior fashion.

Sola Skirtura and Sexual Woundedness

Villifying Feminism

I encourage everyone to read these posts.  Then read them again.

The thing is, I don’t really want to abandon religion, if for no other reason, that means the crazies win.  Second of all, I don’t think that this is the true message of Christianity, it’s a distortion of authentic Christianity.  It does not have to be this way.

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