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About Emma’s Religious Thoughts

I wanted to write a blog about my religious thoughts and experiences.  This blog will not be an uplifting blog where a person comes to feel happy, good religious feelings, and leave feeling reassured that he, and everything he believes in, is right.   That is nothing more than spiritual masturbation, and I have had enough of that.  If you wish to masturbate spiritually, there are plenty of other blogs where you can do that, and I suggest you go there.  Nor is this an anti-religion blog, where people can engage in secular masturbation.  There are plenty of other blogs for that, and I suggest you go there as well.

Rather, this is a blog where I can reflect and think critically about religion and the religious experience, both the good and the bad, to learn from it and to look for ways to improve it.

It should also be noted that I will probably not respond to most comments.  I am not publishing this blog to make an argument, but simply to voice my own personal thoughts and opinions.

I was raised Protestant, spent my teenage years as an Evangelical, and joined the Catholic Church after college.  I have no formal theological training whatsoever, and my postings represent no ones opinions or teachings other than my own.

If that interests you, then feel free to read.  Or don’t.

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